15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Online Advertising

Online advertising is changing. Companies are focusing their money on branding, leaving direct response behind. Tactics that used to work wonders (read: display) are being traded in for newer, longer term methods. Spray and pray is dead. 

To better illustrate where online advertising is and where it’s going, CMO.com rounded up some relevant stats. 

1. 77 percent of Web display ads are never seen.

2. Display ads account for a mere 0.9 percent of upstream traffic to department store sites.

3. Brand marketers will account for just 27 percent of online display ad spending by 2018, down from 31 percent in 2011.

4. You are more likely to complete Navy SEAL training than click a banner ad.

5. Mobile devices account for just 3 percent of advertising spending.

6. 74 percent of real-time bidding online display advertisers are willing to pay premiums for quality environments.

7. The U.S. accounts for 24.7 percent of global online display impressions.

8. The average person is served more than 1,700 banner ads per month

9. Only 25 percent of marketers believe online direct response spending will increase by 20 percent or more in 2013.

10. Only about 12 percent of consumers trust search engine ads.

11. 60 percent of LinkedIn users have clicked on an ad on the site.

12. Botnets controlled by hackers account for $400 million a year in fraudulent online ad clicks.

13. Video ads account for 3 percent of time spent viewing video online.

14. Ad hover and viewable impressions have the highest correlation with conversion, while gross impressions are significantly lower. Clicks had the lowest correlation with conversion, suggesting that advertisers and media planners ought to break their addiction to clicks and instead look to more meaningful metrics for evaluating campaign performance.

15. The Internet accounts for 26 percent of U.S. consumer interaction with media, and 22 percent of advertising spending.

Source: http://www.cmo.com/articles/2013/7/29/_15_mind_blowing_sta.html


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