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This site will contain thoughts, comments, and/or expressions that are my opinion of social issues or issues related to my professional career. They do not represent the views of any of the companies or organizations that I have worked for, work at, provide consulting services for, or any organizations / groups that I belonged to – in my professional and personal life.

About Joseph

Executive referred to as a strategic leader who is quick to see inefficiencies, motivated to organize change and to new solutions addressing intellectually challenging problems. Focused on P/L, metrics, benchmarks, and focuses on the customer experience through customer lifecycle management strategies. Results oriented repeatedly produced sustained revenue, decreased attrition, increased productivity and focus, and EBITDA growth. Built sales and marketing teams with proven achievements in B2B, SaaS, vertical market software (legal, firm management), laptop and disk encryption, content & collaboration, analytics, ERP solutions, and privacy and security markets. My expertise resides within B2B technology and SaaS companies.

Highly successful in building sales and marketing teams while enhancing relationships with executive functional unit leaders, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering results through customer insights and the customer experience.  Effective in building and maintaining strategic relationships with external complementary organizations.

Results and data driven, self-motivated and resourceful in leading with strategic vision, building high performance teams, driving revenue through integrated sales and marketing, reducing attrition, and driving efficiency through performance metrics.  Passionate about the customer experience, customer lifecycle management strategies, and building high performance teams.  Highly motivated with proven ability to develop people, implement business processes improvements, change and optimize business procedures. 

Believe in teamwork, collaboration, making tough decisions to get results, and a strong sense of ethics and integrity.

Known for being purposefully curious, a risk taker driven by realistic optimism, deliberately collaborative, and strategically results-oriented so that I can deliver superior growth in problem areas.


This blog contains thoughts, comments, and expressions that are my opinion of social issues or issues related to my professional career. They do not represent the views of any of the companies or organizations that I have worked for, work at, or any organizations or groups that I belonged to, or belong to, in my professional and personal life.

Services Offered – Greater Toronto Area

Problem-solving – working with leadership teams to implement changes vital to commercial and economic health in sales and marketing. Providing solutions to the client’s changing business needs and guidance in various spheres of business, including corporate strategy, business transformation, and digital and innovation capabilities.

Range of executive advisory services :

  • Offers strategic guidance and business advice to help shape the company’s vision and objectives.
  • Assists in developing and refining business strategies to drive growth, increased profitability, and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Provides expert insights on key decisions, helping navigate complex challenges and opportunities.
  • Offers leadership coaching and mentoring to enhance effectiveness and decision-making capabilities.
  • Conducts periodic reviews of the organization’s performance and identify areas for improvement and innovation.
  • Serves as a sounding board, fostering an open and constructive dialogue.
  • Fractional executive – strategy, sales, marketing, operations
  • Consultant on CRM implementations – workflows, reports, KPIs, metrics, dashboards

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